Tibet, Everest Kangshung Face; September - October, 2006

Kangshung Tour

I returned to Tibet with John Howarth and Martin Sidwell for a trek in the region around Mount Everest's east (Kangshung) and north faces. Our trek included many of the places visited in the British 1921 Everest Reconnaissance expedition, and it was wonderful to be reading the account of that expedition while walking in their footsteps.

Martin has put together a delightful, small web site with pictures and comments from all three of the treks he did last fall. You can see it at:

Martin's Fall 2006 Tibet & Nepal site

The "Kangshung Tour" here on the web site is based on the journal I kept during the trek. If you'd like to read through the actual journal offline, you can download the PDF version:

Get the Kangshung Trek Journal

I have selected 369 of the 730 pictures taken during the trip. The images on the web site are "snapshot" format, about 1/4th the size of the originals. If you have a particular favorite, I can send an original by email.

Nine (9) of the pictures are "Panorama" shots comprised of two or more individual pictures merged with Autostitch, a wonderful piece of free software. The panorama shots are 528 pixels high and as wide as they need to be to show the whole view at that height; use the scroll bar at the bottom of your browser window to move to the right for more of the image.

Let me know what you think, and enjoy the tour. Click on the "Kangshung Tour" link in the upper-left corner of this page or any of the destination links below to get started.

09/28 Lhasa to Shigatse 09/29 Shigatse to Pelbar/Old Tingre
09/30 Pelbar to Kharta 10/01 Kharta Rest Day
10/02 Leaving Kharta 10/03 Towards the Shoa La
10/04 Over the Shoa La 10/05 Into the Kama Valley
10/06 Tangsun to Tang Chung 10/07 Retreat!
10/08 Day hike to Tshechu - Spring of the Life Water 10/09 Day hike towards base camp
10/10 Turning Back 10/11 Towards the Shoa La
10/12 Over the Shoa La 10/13 Shoa La to LeLunge
10/14 Return to Kharta 10/15 Kharta to Rombuk Monastery
10/16 Day Hike to Everest Base Camp 10/17 Rombuk to Nylam
10/18 Back to Kathmandu