Emeryville Taiko


This page contains a few images of my adventures in Taiko, traditional Japanese drumming. I've been taking lessons with the Emeryville Taiko Dojo since April 2006, and made my first performing appearance at the 2007 Solano Stroll.

I've joined half a dozen performances since then and have begun to relax and enjoy them.

New Year's Day, 2007

The year began with a Mochi-pounding festival at the dojo. In the first shot, I'm on the right, in the green plaid, pounding away at the rice paste mixture that will become mochi. The second shot shows a bit of the dojo space and the group beginning a celebratory performance later in the day.


Solano Stroll, September 09, 2007

The Solano Stroll is a huge street fair and celebration that draws tens of thousands of people each year. Emeryville Taiko has commanded the best spot at the top of the avenue for many years. This year I joined the fun.







Taiko for Tots, April 3, 2008

We hosted about 30 3- and 4-year-olds for a morning of performance and interactive demonstrations. They were really well-behaved and attentive!




4TH OF JULY @ Berkeley Marina, 2008

A beautiful afternoon, a great audience and lots of audience participation. Ilana was in the audience and took these pictures.






Click on the "Play" button below to view a 1-minute video clip Ilana shot with the camera.


Here are links to some YouTube videos of the performance. 3 are shorter clips, 2 are almost the entire song (Hachijo and Saidai); playing times are listed below.

The first 4 videos have High Quality versions you can switch to view on YouTube.

My Practice Drum

Taiko drums are expensive; $3,500 to over $100,000. Even drums made from old wine barrels (quite popular in America) are over $800 just for materials. My practice drum works pretty well for an investment of a few dollars for shipping and Duct tape!


My Performing Costume

Here's the costume I wear for indoor and more formal performances.


And no, the slippers aren't part of the costume. I'm still waiting for the special shoes to come from Japan.