Canyon de Chelly; June 4 - 9, 2006

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David and Ilana returned to Canyon de Chelly on a Sierra Club trip; David for his second and Ilana for her third visit.

Canyon de Chelly has been continually inhabited by native people for 4,500 years. Many of the ruins we visited date from the Anasazi (ancient Pueblo) period, 750-1300 CE. The Navajo (Dine) people have lived there since 1700. The Canyon is currently populated by about 50 families who have claim to the land, passed through matrilineal lines. Except for a path to the White House Ruins, one must be accompanied by a Dine resident to be anywhere in the Canyon.

We continue to find our time in the Canyon to be quietly inspiring and spiritually renewing. It's one of those rare environments where the sacredness of the land, the history of the people, and the following of native customs combine in a powerful and authentic way. Because there is no electricity, running water, or other technology, one experiences a direct connection with the land and the rhythms of time.

Here's an overall map of the canyon from Canyon De Chelly Tours, a local company offering "shake and bake" outings (see Hike to Mummy Cave page for our encounter with a "shake and bake").

We have selected 99 of the 224 pictures taken during the trip. The images on the web site are "snapshot" format, about 1/4th the size of the originals. If you have a particular favorite, we can send an original by email.

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Entering Canyon del Muerto Mummy Cave
One-night Camp On to Mother Earth Canyon
Spider Rock Leaving the Canyon